Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth decay or damage is a common problem. If you have lost a part of your tooth due to decay or damage, tooth coloured fillings are the optimal solution. In addition to replacing the missing portion of the teeth, they look perfectly natural, just as your original teeth. Meaning there will be no noticeable difference between your original teeth, and the fillings which are placed to cover those areas which were damaged.

Why choose these fillings?

Who wants discoloured or mismatched teeth? With older composite fillings, silver fillings, and metals which were more common in the past, this is the case. When you damage a tooth, it is important to fill the area. Doing so will avoid the possibility of further decay and prevent other damage in your mouth. With tooth coloured fillings, you do not have to worry about people seeing where decay took place as the filling is the exact colour as your original teeth.

If you need to have your teeth filled, replaced, or otherwise repaired, it is important to choose a reputable dentist to perform this treatment. Not only will it ensure the fillings are properly placed, but also that they look as natural as your original teeth.

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Resin – Before

Resin B - Frenchs Forest Dental

Resin – After

Resin A - Frenchs Forest Dental

Resin Repair – Before

Resin Repair B- Frenchs Forest Dental

Resin Repair – After

Resin Repair- Frenchs Forest Dental

Amalgam – Before

A1 Frenchs Forest Dental

Amalgam – After

B1 - Frenchs Forest Dental

Peg Lateral Incisor – Before

Peg B- Frenchs Forest Dental

Peg Lateral Incisor – After

Peg B- Frenchs Forest Dental

Clinical Photos of Dr Ali in real life situations

Women with smile 1 - Image at Frenchs Forest Dental

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