General Dentistry

Good oral health requires regular maintenance of your teeth and gums. At Frenchs Forest dental, Dr. Ritchie and Dr. Ali are committed to providing our patients with first class dental care. We recommend at least two dentist visits each year to prevent the onset of any dental problems while also maintaining a good level of oral hygiene. Although patients with chronic conditions such as gum disease, cavities or a compromised immune system might need to visit more frequently. In which case, the number of visits can depend on your ability to keep your mouth free of plaque and bacteria.

Dental Check Up

When you come to us for a check up we remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and check the condition of your gums. You will receive a verbal report on the condition of your gums and teeth along with any guidance or advice on maintaining the highest level of oral hygiene.

3 Reasons Why You Need Dental Check Ups

  • Regular assessment of your oral health
  • Identify early signs of decay – It is normally detected too late
  • Find other problems – The earlier a problem is found, the easier it is to manage.

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings can be used as treatment for a variety of tooth problems. They are usually needed following physical damage, decay of a tooth due to poor dental hygiene and for aesthetic reasons.

What is Involved?

Tooth filling procedures involves two steps: firstly, getting the tooth ready so that the filling materials can be delivered and, secondly, placing the actual replacement material into the newly prepared space in the tooth.

Tooth fillings are carried out using different materials, with some materials being significantly more expensive than others. One of the most commonly used tooth restoration material is amalgam. Amalgam has the benefit of being cheap and sturdy, however, it is declining in popularity. White fillings give a far more natural look to teeth which have undergone dental restoration and are the preferred material by most patients.

Normally, a local anaesthetic treatment is used around the tooth receiving the filling and the surrounding areas too.

The Importance of Tooth Filling Treatments

Tooth fillings are an important dental treatment as they are highly effective at preventing further damage to any tooth structure which has already been damaged. If a filling is not delivered, then the tooth may need to be completely removed at far greater expense at a later date. The underlying cavity can also cause excruciating pain. Tooth fillings also significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria residing in your mouth.

This is our method as it avoids the use of strong chemicals which can cause permanent sensitivity. The overnight gel method gives stunning and long lasting white teeth without causing sensitivity.

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