I haven’t been to a dentist for a very long time. I have no pain. Do I need to come in to see a dentist?

Most of us would take our car for its routine regular service because we know that the car is undergoing constant environmental and functional wear and tear. The human body is much the same and our oral environment probably takes as much, if not, more deterioration than any other parts of the body.

One perception is that pain equals problem. It is more common for dental disease to develop and progress silently without any symptoms. In our routine active maintenance appointments, we thoroughly screen our clients to rule out any disease.

I had pain in the tooth some time ago. It seems to have now settled. Should I be concerned?

From a general health perspective, it is always good to have things checked. Toothache is frequently from leaking old fillings or dormant infections which can become acute suddenly over a weekend or on the plane. It is advisable to have these teeth checked and avoid scrambling to find a dentist when you are experiencing severe pain.

My gums bleed when I brush. Should I be concerned?

Usually bleeding from gums is a sign of inflammation. Irritation from plaque causes gum swelling or gingivitis. Gingivitis manifests as gum bleeding and tenderness along with bad breath. Sometimes an underlying jaw bone disease or gum disease is in play which can lead to tooth-loss if left unattended for too long.

I brush my teeth twice a day. My breath still smells a bit off. What am I doing wrong?

Halitosis or bad breath is mostly caused by local oral causes, for example dryness of mouth due to dehydration or medications. Another common cause is poor gum health brought on by plaque build-up and incorrect oral hygiene practices.

Normally, a professional clean and subsequent proper hygiene techniques at home would allow the gums to return to good health.

I have had this tooth missing for a long time. Why should I be concerned about it?

Teeth tend to tilt and grow into the gap over time. This happens painlessly over a period of time and becomes a much bigger problem to fix if left unattended. Replacing the missing tooth in time will restore the balance and prevent movement of other teeth.

I have old silver fillings in my teeth. Should I replace them?

The silver amalgam filling-material technologically is outdated. Also, it expands and may lead to large fractures. Replacing amalgam with tooth-coloured composite resin or porcelain preserves tooth structure and prevents exposure of nerves.

My wisdom teeth are not hurting. Should I remove them?

Usually there is not enough room in the jaw bone for wisdom teeth. They commonly become impacted behind the last molar and frequently damage that tooth extensively with no symptoms. Also, they can push the other teeth forward which could then lead to crowding.

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